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The Tipping Point

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We find ourselves at a tipping point in this country. Almost half the population is receiving government assistance to live, while the rest is working twice as hard for half as much. Increasing oil prices have inflated the cost of food, clothes, and any other goods that are petroleum based or that must be grown or transported. Unless something is done before the beginning of 2013, the increased tax burden from expiring tax rates will take most of the rest of our earnings.

Once that happens, where will the money come from? When I can make more money not working than working, why should I continue to pay my own way. One of the tenets of economics is that you get more of what you subsidize, and less of what you tax. I don’t need my masters degree in mathematics to figure out that at some point no one will be working and everyone will be poor and needy.

So what happens at that point? The same thing that has happened every time communistic or fascist societies have been formed in the past. After a period of anarchy, much like what is going on in Greece right now, someone will take control and everyone will be forced to work for that individual or the state. Napoleon rose to power in France, betraying the French Revolution; Hitler’s Nazi Party took control from the Weimar Republic in Germany; Stalin emerged following the Russian Revolution. In 1945, George Orwell wrote an allegory, Animal Farm, ( that illustrates the process. My favorite line from that book is, “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” We will all be equal, except for those in control, but at what cost?

The only revolution that didn’t result in a totalitarian government was the American Revolution. The reason? Our founders fought for liberty, not equality, and the government was founded by Christians on Biblical principles. In the United States, we live under the rule of law, not privilege, which provides an even playing field for anyone who is willing to participate. Liberty gives us equality of opportunity. Americans are free to take risks that may be rewarded with success or result in failure, while those who wish to play it safe are free to do that as well.

We must remind ourselves what liberty is, and return whole-heartedly to those principles now. If not, we will have completed the cycle, returning as a nation to what our forefathers left behind when they risked it all for freedom in the new world.


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  1. Amen on the “equality” of opportunity.

  2. Amen on the “equality of opportunity.”
    Press on, Patti, let truth be heard loud and clear.


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