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Where’s Our Sense of Humor?

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What happened to our sense of humor, our ability to laugh at ourselves? Does anyone out there have an explanation? Better yet, do any of you have a suggestion about how to get it back?

It seems to me that it died when political correctness was born, along with that new right to be offended whenever someone says or does anything we don’t like. We’ve created so many groups of victims and inflamed them against one another that everyone is angry and distrustful of anyone in another group. Of course, some groups are fair game: Christians, conservatives, blondes, Southerners, Texans, and Texas Aggies. I happen to belong to each of those groups, except that I’m no longer blonde. Oh, but I’m old. That’s another group that should be included on the list,–old people.

For every reason that we are being divided, there are millions of reasons we could be united. Just because we differ in skin color or geographical location doesn’t mean we’re not alike in religious or political views, for instance. Or maybe we’re fans of the same team or enjoy the same music. Or maybe we’ve suffered similar tragedies. No matter what, we all want to be loved and accepted for who we are.

Laughter is the best medicine, but so-called humor today often consists of vitriolic rants against people who may have different political beliefs. Some comedians’ humor consists of strutting across the stage saying the f-word. How funny or creative is that? In contrast, Bill Cosby’s humor was born out of life experiences we can all relate to, sibling relationships, for example. His humor made us take a look at our own human foibles, and laugh. So where’s the next Bill Cosby? We sure could use him.


About Patti Wells

I'm a concerned American. I grew up in the fifties, and came of age in the sixties, so I've seen both sides of the cultural revolution that took place in the late sixties. As a Baby Boomer, I'm part of the last generation to really know the liberty that this country has provided for its citizens. I'm the widowed mother of two adult children and a retired mathematics professor at a local community college. I lead a weekly Bible study and sing in the choir at church. I play canasta with a group of friends each week, and I enjoy sports and movies.

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