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Have We Really Progressed?

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I must say that I’m getting tired of arrogant elitists telling the rest of us that we are stupid. Last week I heard Bill Press use that descriptive of the Star Spangled Banner, because it is militaristic, and difficult to sing. Later that same day, Bill Maher complained that our country deserved to become Mormon because a stupid country deserved a stupid religion.

Unfortunately, we are reaping the fruit of the progressive movement that has infiltrated our educational institutions and media, while attacking families and faith. Progressives see themselves as the intelligent crowd that must tell us how to run our lives. Anyone who is not in agreement with them is stupid, mean-spirited, racist or homophobic. Of course, whatever the cause, the “medicine” is for our own good, but it doesn’t apply to them because they’re smart enough to run their own lives.

About one hundred years ago, the Progressive Movement under leaders like Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson began to erode our individual liberties. The assumption was that to progress, to solve some of the ills of society, men needed to be dictated to by the experts who knew best. As a result, the government began to pass laws to protect us, as well as progressive amendments to the Constitution: graduated income tax, direct election of senators, women’s suffrage, and the prohibition of alcohol.

Now we’ve “progressed” so far that we’ve lost our ability to even think that we are capable of running our own schools, providing for our own health care or choosing what we should eat or drink. When there is a need we expect the federal government to throw money at it or to regulate it. For example, everything is so convoluted that we must restrict people’s diets, because if we don’t, we will have to pay more for their health care. What if people ate what they wanted and took responsibility for the consequences?

Don’t we realize this is a power grab, a way for politicians to stay in office. Those calling the rest of us stupid do so to reap the rewards of being on the good side of the powerful. If the motives were pure, women’s lib would be supportive of all women who are successful, no matter what their political persuasion. Ask Sarah Palin if this is true. African-Americans like Allen West and Condoleezza Rice would be applauded, not called “Uncle Toms,” if progressives were really interested in the equality of all races.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to use the curlicue lightbulbs that require a Hasmat crew to clean up the toxins if one breaks. I don’t drink sodas very often, but if I want a Coke, I don’t want some bureaucrat telling me how much I can have. I don’t want a bureaucracy making decisions about my health care; I’ve seen how well that works when I go to the Post Office. If solar power is effective and efficient, the market place will produce it, just like it did the incandescent light bulb or computer or steam engine or cotton gin or iPhone.

Wake up, America. If we continue to allow our liberties to be usurped by this crowd, maybe we are stupid.